Thursday, December 22, 2005

Minutes of Meeting - 08/12/05

Minutes meeting of The Innovators Toastmasters Club
Thursday, December 08, 2005

Theme : Get Out of Comfort Zone
Word of The Day : Determination

Presidential : CTM Ria Sulaeman
Toastmasters of Meeting : TM Sugiharto "Cokro" Tjakranegara
Grammarian : TM Gaju
General Evaluator : CTM Hariyanto
Ballot Counter : TM Adi Jaya
Timer : TM Sugiarti
Ah/WOD Counter : TM Vivi

Total attendances were 25 people:
9 were guests, 15 were Innovators (including 1 new member) and 1 visiting Toastmasters, CTM Hanny Honggo.

We started the meeting with “Nasi goreng” menu for dinner. Though the dinner seems too much for the ladies that night, but it was yummy!! Our president, Ria Sulaeman, CTM opened the meeting at 7 pm sharp and informed us shortly her experienced while attending the Toastmasters Convention in Kuching, Malaysia.

As usual, we started the meeting by presenting Table Topic (TT) session, mastered by Arief Sabarudin, CTM. The winner was Samoati “Attie” Siringoringo, CTM/CL.

After the TT session, we entered the Prepared Speech (PS) session. There were only 2 prepared speakers that time. The first speaker was Gaju, TM (evaluated by Hariyanto, TM). He delivered his second project from basic manual. His speech title was “How A Bathroom Singer Can Become Professional Singer”, where he performed some of India’s song, and taught us about rhythm and tempo of music, how to sing a song as well. He was so hilarious that he could be the humorous speaker winner in the future. The 2nd speaker was Anastasia, TM (evaluated by Philip, CTM). She delivered her 8th project from the basic manual, where she informed us how to make a Tabouleh – a Lebanese salad – in her speech with the title “Being Healthy While You Learn”. And the best speaker for the night was Gaju, TM.

After the prepared speaker session, again poor Hariyanto, CTM had to evaluate the India singer. It must be a tough task for him. What could he evaluate? If at last meeting he should evaluate choreography for latin, western ‘till dangdut music, this time he should evaluate the India singer. The second evaluator was Philip, CTM. His evaluation for Anastasia, TM was very good, and encouraged her to improve and do better speeches in the future. That was the evaluation session. Both of the evaluators did their tasks well. Finally, who was the winner? It was Philip, CTM! Congratulation (and looking forward to your next speech also!).

Before went back home, we still had plenty of time to have an extra session where we used it to encourage and ask the guests’ comments or opinions about the meeting, after gave them a trial in extra table topic for some.

Thank you for those who paid us a visit. We hope seeing you all again in our next meeting, Thursday, December 22, 2005. Same place, same time, same fun!!

**A special welcome for Veronika Gultom, our new member. We are waiting for your voice to serve the world with The Innovators!


Editor: VPPR

I'm back :D

Hello everybody:D
Whew, at last... I'm back !! Missing me so much? Sorry :D After a very busy days, now I'm back to serve you all the information about my Toastmasters club, The Innovators Toastmasters club :D

There were many (of course many, I've been gone for so long! :D) things happened since the last time I posted message in this blog. But don't worry, I will share them all with you :D WITH PICTURES!! Yes, with pictures :D We now have the "documentation" volunteer commitees, who bring their cameras and take pictures of us. Can't wait to see it? I can't wait to share it too!

But save your energy a while cause I will not give them now. I will prepare (choose, sort, adjust, re-touch) the pictures and the stories behind them before they go public :D Yes, that's what I'm doing as a VPPR (Vice President for Public Relation). Prepare stuff before it goes public :D

After this, you find the last Minutes of Meeting. It will be the opening for my golden-path in sharing the information to the world. All pictures and stories behind them I promised above will be available after this. Visit us again later!

VPPR of The Innovators Toastmasters Club

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Semi Annual Convention in Kuching :D

Hi members and guest :D,

If you ask, what do we do in Toastmasters beside club meeting? I have answers and this is one of the answers, SEMI-ANNUAL CONVENTION :D What will we do or what will we get from such occasion? Find it out yourself in the convetion's official website at :D If you are interested then you can have yourself registered directly from the website :D Like the other Toastmasters occasions, this is a fun and enjoyable one TOO!! :D

And... after visiting the website, I found out that if you attend all the program held in the convention, you will get a 18K gold toastmasters pin :D WOW!! Gold.. you know, gold... hehehehe... check it out and tell me if I'm wrong :D


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest - Area Level

Dear all :D,

After club level contest, the winners from club level contest participated in area level contest. The winners were : Anastasia Teguh Rahayu, TM for Humorous Speech Contest; Samoati Siringoringo, CTM and Hariyanto, CTM for the Evaluation Contest.

In the area level, the contest ran smoothly as it was led by Maria Megawati, ATM - a smart and funny toastmaster :D The humorous contest was incredibly funny, all contestants showed their best performance (I couldn't stop laughing, WOW!! hehehe). Great speeches, brilliant topics and enthusiasthic contestants were some of the excitement I found in the contest, not to mention the "not-easy-to-be-evaluated" sample speaker, toastmaster Damayanti :D BRAVOOO!! :D

Now it's tim for the winner :D For humorous contest we had ERSA (I hope I write the name down correctly, hehehehe) as the champion. As well as for the Evaluation Contest :D She will represent our area and compete in Division level :D Go Ersa, Go !! :D Wish you all the luck (or you don't need any luck to win? :D hehehe..)

The contest was held in Excellence Toastmasters Club. Thanx and big applause for the host club :D The place was nice and the food was good, though it was only noodle :D hehehehe...

NB: THANX A LOT for The Innovators members who came and gave their support to The Innovators contestants :D We were nothing without supporters :D THANX :D


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Minutes of Meeting - 25 August 2005

Hello Toastmasters and guests,

As announced before, on 25 August we were holding a humorous speech (can you imagine how we passed the night? Laughing every minutes...hehehehe) and evaluation contest. We had 2 contestants for the humorous contest, who were Sulika, TM as the 1st contestant and Anastasia Teguh Rahayu, TM as the 2nd contestant. And 3 contestants for the evaluation contest, who were Ria Sulaeman, CTM (1st contestant), Hariyanto, CTM (2nd contestant),and samoati Siringoringo (3rd contestant). The winners were Anastasia, CTM for the humorous contest and Samoati Siringoringo for the evaluation contest. These winners, include Hariyanto, CTM (1st runner-up for the evaluation contest) will compete against another clubs' winners in the area level on 10 September 2005 (I will confirm this date in the next post).

We had 36 attendance that night, 19 were the Innovators, 4 came from other clubs, and 13 were first-timer guests. Lucky we had the contest in the new venue in Cipta hotel. The new venue was not only bigger than the last one we had in Waroeng Menteng, 1st floor, but also nice and comfortable, not to mention luxury and representative :D And the snack, yummy, more than we expected :D i believe that was the perfect snack for the evening for all of us.

Though we were holding a contest, we still had people registered to our lovely club :D We had two persons as new members that night, they were Wiwik Suhartati and Adi D. - New members, you will not sorry joining Toastmasters - WELCOME to our communication and leadership community :D

No further report and see you all in next meeting on 8 September 2005 :D


Monday, August 29, 2005

Greetings from Toronto!

This is the second report from us on the Toastmasters International 74th Annual Convention.

The major event of the 3rd day was the Annual Business Meeting and Elections where delegates gathered to elect International Officers and Directors and to vote on the 3 important proposals.

Our past District Governor, DTM John Lau, contested as a candidate for the International Director (ID) for "Districts Not Assigned To Regions (DNAR)". The 76 Districts in the World are organized into 9 Regions. There are 14 Districts outside of the US and Canada and these 14 Districts are grouped under the DNAR as a region. There are only 2 IDs for each Region; each ID serves for 2 years. Therefore, only one ID position is available for contest each year. The 18 IDs, the 3rd VO, the 2nd VP, the Senior VP, the President, the immediate past IP, the Executive Director, make up the highest decision body of TI, the Board of TI.

We will like to congratulate John Lau as he was successfully elected as the ID for our Region. In addition, John is the First Malaysian to be elected as an ID for our great organization.

We will also like to thank the outgoing ID for our Region, DTM Maimunah Nathasa, for her tremendous contributions to Toastmasters International during her two years of service as the ID for our Region.
The results of the elections are:
1. International President : Dilip Abayasekara, DTM (unopposed)
2. Senior Vice President, Johnny Uy, DTM (unopposed)
3. Second Vice President, Chris Ford, DTM (unopposed)
4. Third Vice President, Jana Barnhill, DTM (elected)
5. International Director for Districts Not Assigned To Regions: John Lau, DTM.(elected)
6. ID for Region I - Michael Notaro, DTM (unopposed)
7. ID for Region II - Ann Hastings, DTM (elected)
8. ID for Region III - Ralph Wallace, DTM (unopposed)
9. ID for Region IV - Cliff Heinsch, DTM (unopposed)
10. ID for Region V - Charles Albright, DTM (elected)
11. ID for Region VI - Tammy Miller, DTM (unopposed)
12. ID for Region VII - Chris Emond, DTM (elected)
13. ID for Region VIII - James Fair, DTM (elected)

The results of the 3 proposals are:
1. Dues increase - There were lively debates on the issue, finally, a vote was taken and proposal was carried with 9,735 votes for, 2,815 votes against. Hence, dues increase will come into effect from 1st-Oct-2005.
2. Electronic Technology - carried, unopposed.
3. Disciplinary Proceedings - carried, unopposed.

Well, that is for the moment, until our next Report from Toronto.
Signing off with the Power to Change!

Low Yat Seow

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hotel Cipta on 8 September 2005

Hello world :D

I have great news for all of you. The Innovators Toastmasters club WILL HELD ANOTHER MEETING IN HOTEL CIPTA on 8 September 2005 :D Big applause and thanx to our santa clause, Anastasia, TM who had made our dream come true :D thanx for the present Miss Santa hehehehehe :D

Is this a sign that we will held our next, next and next meetings in Hotel Cipta? The answer is out there. Only Santa knows :D Just to remind - new venue, new opportunity :D have a great meeting :D


Friday, August 19, 2005

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

The Innovators Toastmasters Club will hold a humorous speech and evaluation contest, on Thursday, 25 August 2005. The contest will begin at 19.00 in Cipta Hotel (close to Ibis Tamarin hotel). The contest will be hosted by Tanty Indrawati Tanzil, ATMB, our immediate-past president.
This contest is the first step to become the District 51 (consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei) Champion :D After this (club level) contest, you will go to the area level contest, and then division level and the last challenge will be district level. Easy wizzy lemon squizzy, right? :D Only 4 steps and you become the champion :D So, what are you waiting for? Come on !! Get prepared, and be ready for the throphy :D hehehehe And one more thing... don't forget to invite your family, friends, neighbour, colleage, etc. because a champion needs others to share the winning moment with :D
See you all there!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Minutes of Meeting - 11 August 2005we

There were some different things happened in this 11 August meeting :D The first was, we didn't hold the meeting in the same room like we used to have usually. It still in Waroeng Menteng but it wasn't on the 1st floor, it was on the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor room was much bigger than the 1st one so we had more air to breath hehehehehe... Another different thing that happened was people started coming to our meeting from (around) 17.30. It had never been that way before, so early :D Thanx to our member, Anastasia T. Rahayu, TM, who had come early to the venue to assist the guests. What could the guests do without your help :D ?

The theme chosen for the night was "Stand on your own feet" and the word of the night was "Independent". We chose the theme because we were going to celebrate our independence day on 17 August. Some of the members used their "red and white" attribute, but most of the attendance didn't.

The number of the attendances we had were 37 people, consisted of 19 new visitors (guests), 15 Innovators, and 2 Toastmasters from KBI-DJP (Mien Soenari, ATMS/CL) and Metropolitan (Hani Hongo, CTM). The TOM was Hariyanto, CTM. And the GE was Tanty, ATMB, helped by her great team: Rudyanto Sutardji CTM/CL (as TT), Tunggul, TM - our new member - (as Ballot Counter), Arief Sabaruddin, CTM (as Timer), Arieta, TM (as Ah/WOD counter), and Mien Soenari, ATMS/CL (as Grammarian).

The Table Topics (TT) session was great because toastmaster Rudyanto succesfully involved all the attendances in a fun yet exciting TT game. (TIPS: Game is always a good way to involve many people especially if we have got a lot of guests). Everybody, YES! EVERYBODY were happy and satisfied. As the winner for the TT session was Hani Honggo, CTM (Damn! He was not our member hehehehehe). Congratulation and big applause to Hani Honggo, CTM.

There were 4 prepared speakers and evaluaters:
1. Marilou deAziz, TM with her BM #1, Story of my life. Evaluated by Anastasia T. Rahayu, TM
2. Gajanan, TM with his BM#1, My life. Evaluated by Samoati Siringoringo, CTM/CL
3. Netty D. Kalalo, DTM with her BM #2, Success. Evaluated by Ria Sulaeman, CTM
4. Ineke Kakisina, TM with her BM #6, Swimming lessons. Evaluated by Hani Honggo, CTM
The best prepared speaker was Ineke, TM. She delivered her speech enthusiastically, complete with her fabulous body language. The best evaluator was Samoati Siringoringo, CTM/CL.
There was another wierd but positive thing happened in this session. All the speakers showed up and delivered their speech, as well as their evaluators. No cancelation, no agenda changing, no nothing :D Everybody were there !!! Amazing!!! hehehehe... (If you have been a TOM, you will understand why I call it wierd - because it's rarely happens :D). Thanx and big applause to all the participants in prepared speech session and evaluation session :D

A little comment about these Fantastic 4:
1. Marilou, that was an amazing disaster story. It should be a disaster story but why did we laugh? hehehehehe..BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DELIVER IT LIKE READING NEWS (I guess) :D we enjoyed the story :D
2. Gaju (or Gaja hehehe), YOU WERE AMAZING !!! I would believe if you told me that you had joined Toastmasters for a long time :D What a tremendeous speech :D
3. Bu Netty, like ussual.... amazed us with her talent in delivering speech :D No comment for her but complimentssssssssss :D Lucky to have you as a member :D
4. Ineke > the TOM was about to put her as a hot seat because he thought we wouldn't have enough time for the 4th speaker. FORTUNATELY HE DID NOT !! She was on fire :D She showed us the different before joining Toastmasters and after joining Toastmasters :D Lucky I was there that night.

After all the sessions, finally DTM Netty gave some information to the guest about what and how to be toastmasters.

Congratulation and welcome on board to our 5 new members:
Tony Yoewono, Tatok Sugiarto, Johnson Butar-butar, Yonni Hassan, and Achmad Zar'an.

After all, the meeting of August 11, 2005 was success. Congratulation to the TOM, Hariyanto, CTM and all his teamwork. Looking forward for the next meeting on August 25th, 2005 at new venue "Hotel Cipta".


Friday, August 05, 2005


On 23 July 2005 post, I announced that The Innovators Toastmasters club meeting venue will be moved to Cipta Hotel on 11 August 2004. Through this post I'd like to re-announce that we are not going to move to Cipta Hotel on 11 August 2005 but on 25 August 2005. There is a delay since the new venue won't be available. It had been booked by the city goverment for their meeting (on 11 August) so we have to postpone the "we are moving on 11 August" :D


Sunday, July 31, 2005

Minutes of Meeting - 28 July 2005

Dear fellow innovators and visitors,

CROWDED….CROWDED….. AND CROWDED!!! That was the first impression of our last meeting on July 28, 2005. The TOM was CTM Arief Sabarudin; TT master was Anastasia Teguh Rahayu, TM ; GE was our President, CTM Ria Sulaeman; Grammarian was Ineke, TM; Marilou, TM as the Ah/Wod Counter; Sugiarti, TM as Ballot Counter; and the last was Rudyanto, CTM as timer.

We had 4 fantastic speakers (they are senior speakers) who were Mien Sunari, ATMS-CL (from KBI-DJP); Hanny Onggo, CTM (from Metropolitan); Maria Megawati, ATM (from Ely Lilly); and the last one was Attie Siringoringo, CTM with her CL speech, which were an important speech for us as toastmasters.

We had 34 attendants in total that night, 18 as first-time guests, 4 from other Toastmasters clubs and the rest were the Innovators. So, can you imagine how crowded was the place? [we had three attendants sitting outside the meeting room and one person standing since he didn't got any space to sit - unfortunately it was me, the VPPR hehehehe :D]. I believe that this is the sign for us to move out, find a new place or I will be standing for the rest of our meetings :D hahahaahha :))

The best TT winner was Gaju, TM [he is our new member - amazing, congratulation :D keep on the excellent work]. For the prepared speech session we had Maria Megawati, ATM [who delivered her tips for HOW TO BE FUNNY in the humorous speech contest] as the best speaker [congratulation.. :)]. And Netty Djohan Kalalo, DTM as the best speaker [again :D] for the evaluation session [congratulation.. :)]

Congratulation and big applause to the TOM, GE and her team, and for everyone who had joined and participated in our meeting. Enclosing of this report, we have got 3 new
members. WELCOME for the new members: Tunggul, Sulika, and Katharina Gosal.

original source: Secretary of the Innovators club [Anastasia, TM]

VPPR : Next meeting will be held on 11 August 2005 in Hotel Cipta
Hariyanto [] will be the TOM
New place, new opportunities - DON'T MISS IT :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Toastmasters in KOMPAS

Toastmasters had been published in KOMPAS newsletter :D Is this the time for us, the Toastmasters (especially in Indonesia) ? If you haven't read the news, don't worry. Just go to :D read it and be proud of Toastmasters. It's time for us...hahahahahaha :D Indonesia, here we come :D hahahahaha.

Thanx to Anastasia Mone-Teguh Rahayu, TM for the link :D Viva Toastmasters :D


Saturday, July 23, 2005

ATTENTION - We are moving :D

We are going to have a new venue for the next meeting, 11 August 2005. The meeting will be held in Hotel Cipta, not far from Waroeng Menteng. The new meeting room is equipped with (much) better meeting facilities than the Waroeng Menteng. You will find : screen, flip chart, white board, OHP, AC, brighter, etc.
The fee will be increased from Rp. 25.000,- to Rp. 30.000,- per meeting per person. If you disagree with this newly-announced fee, then you have to know that no matter we move or not, we still have to increase the fee to Rp. 30.000,- since Waroeng Menteng has been charging more for the meeting room (and the food). So, after considering all aspects, the committee decided to have another venue, and hotel Cipta is the best we can get (equal fee, better equipment/facilities, bigger space, not far from Waroeng Menteng, and more opportunity).

REMEMBER - We are moving, starting from 11 August 2005 to Hotel Cipta !! See you there :D

Minutes of Meeting - 14 July 2005, Waroeng Menteng

This is what we had in our 14 July meeting :D

The TOM was Sugiarti, TM [this was her first assignment]; TT master was Netty Djohan Kalalo, DTM ; GE was Tanty Indrawati T., ATM and assisted by Cokro, TM as grammarian, Marilou, TM as timer, Albert, CTM (from Deli Toastmasters Club) as ballot counter, and Inneke, TM as Ah/WOD counter.

We had 6 speakers [wow..hehehehe ;)] which were Albert,TM ; Inneke, TM ; Anastasia, TM ; Hendry Singgalang, CTM ; Hilda, TM ; and the last one was Philip, CTM.

If you think that the speakers number is amazing, try this one : we had 27 attendants that night [amazed... ;) everybody too] with 13 as guests. Can you imagine they did it all [games fot TT session, prepared speech and evaluation] in such a tiny room? Yup.. it was VERY CROWDED BUT FUN !!!! They didn't lose the spirit, like usual hehehehehe..

For that night, we didn't have an individual best TT winner since the game was played in group. For the prepared speech session we had Anastasia, TM as the best speaker [congratulation.. :)]
and Netty Djohan, DTM as the best speaker for evaluation session [congratulation.. :)]

Congratulation to the TOM [what a meeting you've prepared :)]. Big applause and thanx to the TT master for the game, to GE and her team, and for everyone who had joined and participated in our meeting :D Looking forward for another VERY CROWDED BUT FUN meeting :D


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

At last..... :D

At last, we have a blog for our lovely club. A blog is like a diary....a place where we write every internal stuffs/matters down. The difference between website and blog is a website is usually provided for the non-member visitor (i will develope ours so it can serve both member and non-member, that's a promise :D) while a blog is for member visitor or non-member visitor who wants to know more about us :D
So, next time if you need anything (I do mean ANYTHING) related to our meeting needs such schedule sample, minutes of meeting, speech ideas (I'm still wondering who will do this part hehehehhe) , member progress, contact person (me, the VPPR) and the committee, venue, accurate and reliable date & time, new members, mentors, etc....please visit our blog.
What can you do with this blog? you can reply/put comment to every message posted in this blog. I want to make this blog public (everybody can post message) but i think its too risky huh? So I decided to manage this blog for a while or for ever :D
You can also download (or perhaps upload) FREE stuffs, ask questions about TM (provided especially for new members and prospect member), and more.... find it out yourself :D
I do really hope that this blog will be useful like our website.